Laura Shepherd
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Conceived by Laura Shepherd, Produced by Laura Shepherd , Edited by Laura Shepherd     2011
Hard Times

I live by the railroad tracks in Fredericksburg Va. When I say I live by the tracks I mean I live on the “other side of the tracks.” Now in some towns one has to cross over the tracks to get to the other side. In my town we go under. Well the concrete passage has the best acoustics. One night as I was walking into town I started singing this song in that sweet spot under the tracks.

Now one might think I would film the Hard Times video right there at the station where the song was written. But I know the place to film a train video is the Coromandel peninsula in NZ. The Driving Creek Railway is a backdrop like no other. I was blessed to film there. And double blessed that Bary Brickle chose to co star in this music video.

Conceived by Laura Shepherd, Produced by Laura Shepherd , Edited by Laura Shepherd    2010
Something Gonna Happen

SOMETHING GONNA HAPPEN was filmed in the fields around Port Royal, Virginia, the brain child of Carla Bailey and Laura Shepherd. “When the farmer came to harvest the soybeans we were walking out the door to shoot so we just went with it…."

Synchronicity played a huge part in this production, not only in the filming but also in the editing. “ We were carrying this huge foam snake around with us and putting it in the background of the shots, and all of a sudden this little garden snake turns up wanting to be in the video. That is not the first time a snake has showed up…but then that’s another story. The weather, the fields, and the other animals showed up on time. In the editing, I discovered the Green Screen function, and "who knew one could drop out grass and trees and such. You can learn something new every day...and it could be good.”

Conceived by Laura Shepherd, Produced by Laura Shepherd , Edited by Laura Shepherd    2009
Pay It No Mind

I got my first ever computer for my birthday that year, and finished recording Pay It No Mind at the same time. I was also working on my yearly Halloween project. These three things came together for the video.

I downloaded all the pictures I had taken of the smiley faces . Then I asked a few neighbors to get involved - I even turned one of them into a cameraman for the shots of me. Pulling all these things together I then set about learning how to use my new toy. I know the smiley faces cheered the people of my town when they drove by the house. Making videos moved my music to a new level. ( Remember when music videos first came out?)

Now I felt like I was on MTV.

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