Laura Shepherd
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Christmas is a time of carols, decorations and presents. I wrote my own Christmas carol, because that’s what all the stars do. Very kitschy, I know.

I love old decorations, but I’m not too fond of the Christmas tree industry, so I hang my treasures from the walls and ceiling. Can you really have too many light up angels? Like many of us, I have so much. And there is this flock of angels watching over me.

During the crazy shopping time, I wrap up things from around my house and make a big pile of presents. On Christmas Eve I invite anyone and everyone over to my house and give my stuff away. All my guests have to pick a present. They don’t have to take them home, but they usually do. By that time there is a film set and a song, so music videos must follow.

2008 – Christmas time again


2009 – Christmas time again

2010 – Christmas time again

2011 – Christmas time again

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